Why I Love Vintage

I’m fascinated by the stories behind vintage items, and the influence of the times and societal issues on design trends. So, whenever I can, I try to find and tell the story behind a piece so you can see if it speaks to you.

My disclaimer is a simple one – I want you to be happy with your purchase, to find in these-days-gone-by vintage treasures something right for you to reuse and enjoy. So, I try to accurately point out any issues and describe the piece in such a way that you can decide if it’s right for you. I’m a vintage and jewelry enthusiast, but very far from an expert.

I hope you’ll enjoy the distinctive and unique items that I’m excited to bring to you. I source items from a variety of places, including my own collection, and am always looking for new and interesting items to bring to you.

Vintage items are far from perfect. They’ve been used, loved, and are looking for new homes. Your perspective of acceptable “vintage” condition and mine may differ. I understand that. However, here’s what I mean when I rate a particular item:

• Excellent vintage condition – for the most part, this is an item that shows little wear, has been well cared for, and has no mechanical problems, no missing elements, and no significant visual flaws. However, it may have patina or aged character.

• Very good vintage condition – for the most part, these items show better than average wear and care for their age. They’re highly useable and functional with no major flaws that detract from their use or intended purpose. They may show an aged character but that does not take away from their functionality or beauty.

• Good vintage condition – while these items may show a bit more wear for their age, they have specialness about them – maybe they’re rare or hard to find item or from an important period or designer. Hence, these items may have a few flaws, discoloration, or specific issues which will be noted in the description.

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